Race day

So this is a bit late as I was being a good daughter and doing mothers day etc. But I’m racing in two weeks 😀 (april 1st)


Now before you start thinking it it’s not a full ironman it’s only a sprint distance. It’s one of three races in a grand prix and winning all three could land me £3000, which would be nice 😉


Now the kicker is that I’m racing in the mens catagory lolol. I had a really good chat with some one from the BTF / triathalon England and s/he was really cool about the whole thing (androgenouse names in e-mail make things hard) Although the guidelines were very specific that I had to be post surgery they were tryingto find a way for me to compete in the female catagory although I’m still waiting on an answer for that. But either wayI’m racing and I’m racing to  beat the boys of course lol.


I’m pretty confident that even if I don’t win I should do pretty well. I’ve practiced and practiced and prcticed. My times are good, I know my kit and nutrition. The only thing that’s stopping me is injury I recon. I’ve noticed that with all triatheltes that we permanantly injured in some way. My knee is pretty much better now and just as it’s got better I’ve managed to bruise something in my foot and this monring I’ve woken up with a trapped nerve in my neck,…… great. It’s nothing I can’t train through as long as I’m aware of them. But it’s definatly something I’ve noticed, we all seem to push our bodies to the utter limit and suprisingly stuff breaks :S


Any ways, the heat pack on my necks going cold and I should prob get my arse to the pool because speed training isn’t going to do it’s self unfortnatly ^^ xxx


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